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Hoboken Cemetery
5500 Tonnelle Ave
North Bergen, New Jersey 07047

Managed by:

Raiken-Epstein Monument Company Kenilworth, NJ.
PO Box 222, Kenilworth, NJ 07033

Aerial view of:
Macphelah, Hoboken and Flower Hill cemeteries.

 The Hoboken cemetery is located off of Tonnelle Avenue in North Bergen, Hudson County, New Jersey. The Flower Hill Cemetery boarders it on two sides. Although one may have the sense of a well groomed and cared for cemetery when first arriving at the Hoboken Cemetery, just a short walk in any direction and you will find a different story. As you walk toward the back of the cemetery and up the sloping hills you will find that the ground is covered with weeds that range up to four feet in height. This makes it very difficult to find the any headstones that are among the over grown ground cover. There are also many monuments that have been toppled  and broken. This cemetery seems like one that the local area youth would spend a weekend night at party, complete with alcoholic beverages which they seem to leave the containers strewn across the final resting place of many.

        There is also a large mausoleum which is left wide open for anyone to explore it's holding. There are shelves within it for the resting of coffins, but these shelves are used for collecting junk it appears. Were there ever bodies in this mausoleum, and if so where did they go? There are however some headstones that seem to have been at one time placed about the cemetery. If you can't find the headstone of your ancestor maybe it has been placed in this mausoleum for some unknown reason.

        The two other cemeteries in the immediate area are well taken care of and this can be seen as you drive throughout the grounds. The Hoboken cemetery is an active cemetery as there are signs of very recent burial. Why then is the Hoboken cemetery in the shambles that is in?

 We suggest anyone who has family or friends interred at this cemetery to please file a complaint with the New Jersey Cemetery Board. Their web site can be found at this link http://www.state.nj.us/lps/ca/nonmedical/cemetery.htm

Below are some photos that were taken on a investigative trip to the Hoboken cemetery. Left click the images to enlarge the photo in a new window.

UPDATE  This cemetery was re visited in September 23, 2004. Not much has changed, except the shopping cart was not there. The rest of the cemetery still seems to be in poor condition.


Climbing up the rear hill at Hoboken Cemetery.

There are headstones throughout the high weeds.

Toppled monuments and beer bottles.

Simply a disgrace.

Louisa C. Phelan's monument among other toppled stones.

Finding your ancestors resting place  in this cemetery may not be possible.

Westendorf plot complete with orange Slice.

An old and a new resident of the Hoboken cemetery in this plot.

It maybe easier to find headstones during the winter months.

The front sections of Hoboken Cemetery seem to be in fair condition.

Or does it...

Family members should of thought twice about using this cemetery for their loved one.

One day the weeds may cover this monument also.

Be careful strolling the area, you might need a plot sooner than you expect.

We need to show the good with the bad. Are those the vaults for the Potters Field remains from Secaucus in the background?

This may be the path that the vandals use.

Descendants of Hexamer may be disappointed finding this vault cemented shut.

Step right up and see the inside of a mausoleum, no tickets needed.

The coffin shelves seem to have another purpose at the Hoboken Cemetery.

You can sit in the chair and wonder why these headstones are in the mausoleum.

Was that a strong wind that did this?

A shopping cart in a cemetery, I hope they don't transport remains with this.

A recent interment at the cemetery.

Yes Virginia, there are graves here.

This fence separates a well maintained and cemetery said to be well maintained.

This used to be a standing head stone, but the Hoboken cemetery has changed that.

It appears something did fall from the top of this monument.

This space left blank.

This must have been a nice cemetery in it's earlier days.

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