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Family Members One of the first resources you can try is asking other members in your family.

Newspaper Unusual types of death were listed in early papers as well as prominent people. It was not until the early 1900s that death notices and obituaries became popular. Check the local papers of the town/city where your subject last lived.

Social Security Death Index Use this popular search engine to help locate what year your subject died.

Internet Use the internet to see if anyone has already put your subjects death information online.

Message Boards You can see if anyone else is researching you subject as well as post messages with whom your looking for.

Death Records Death records from City, County or State in which the subject died in. In New Jersey, last place of disposition was recorded since 1878.

Prayer Cards Many people would keep these items with photos or in albums. Some older ones even had the date of death printed on them.

Cemeteries Check the local cemeteries in the town/city where your subject last resided or in adjacent towns. You can also try the cemeteries in the town their family was from.

Churches Check with the local churches in the town/city where the person resided. Many churches kept records well.


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