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Bayonne Constable Hook Cemetery
232 E 22nd St
Bayonne, New Jersey
Located within the IMTT complex

This burial list was last updated on 20 February 2022.
This is not a complete list of burials and is continually being researched.

(Three entries added on 20 February 2022 with a count of 1,537 entries.)
(Previously the list was last updated on 25 Febuary 2021 adding one entry with a count 1,535 entries.)
(Previously the list was last updated on 01 January 2007 with a count of 1,534 entries.)
(Previously the list was last updated on 15 October 2006 with a count of 1,431 entries.)
(Previously the list was last updated on 26 June 2005 with a count of 1,423 entries.)
(Previously the list was updated on 24 September 2004 with a count of 1,325 entries.)

The following is a partial burial list for The Bayonne Constable Hook Cemetery. This list has been compiled from the following sources;

  • New Jersey death certificates from 1878 through 1903 (previously 1901) of people who died in Bayonne and were listed as being buried at the Bayonne Constable Hook Cemetery et al. This source of death certificates did not include any person who died in places other than Bayonne, nor does it include any burials from 1855 through 1878. Graveinfo would like to that the staff at the New Jersey State Archives for putting up with us during our countless days spent at the research facility.
  • Burial records from the G. Keenen O'Brien Funeral Home 984 Avenue C, Bayonne, New Jersey that have place of burial listed as the Constable Hook Cemetery et al. The O'Brien burial records are dated from 17 January 1897 through 24 March 1907. O'Brien records prior to this date were lost during a fire in the early 1900's. These entries on the following burial list are proceeded with the letter "O". The O'Brien burial records have a total of 200 entries for the Bayonne Constable Hook Cemetery. Many of these records were previously known from the above mentioned death certificate source. Graveinfo would like to thank Phillip O'Brien and the G. Keenen O'Brien Funeral Home for making the O'Brien records available for our research.
  • Burial records from Daniel Dempsey, a local Undertaker of Bayonne and Staten Island. These records listed place of burial as Hook Cemetery et al. The Daniel Dempsey records range with dates between 1888 through 1907. These entries on the following burial list are proceeded with the letter "D". The Daniel Dempsey records have a total of 255 entries for the Bayonne Constable Hook Cemetery. Many of these records were previously known from the above mentioned death certificate source. Graveinfo would like to thank Lynn Rogers of Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries, Inc. Staten Island for making the Daniel Dempsey records available for our research.
  • The "Removals" book at the Moravian Cemetery Staten Island New York. These records included disinterments from "Bayonne" to the Moravian Cemetery totaling 60 records. Not all of these entries were from the Bayonne Constable Hook Cemetery. Graveinfo would like to thank Richard Simpson for contacting us about the Moravian records and accomodating us to review the burial records.

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Please use your browsers "find" feature to locate a name. We encourage you to browse the entire burial list, since many names may have variant spellings, incorrect spellings or incorrect transcriptions.

Alternate spellings that were found on different records are listed when possible in parenthesis.

Text in quotation marks depicts the actual text on the records.
The entry (none) has been used when no information was found on the record for that entry and also used for when a forename or surname where not written as a name. See examples below.

The entry for the "Father's Name" was left blank on a death certificate, this list will include (none) as the Father's Name.

The text read "Still Birth Child of Albert and Lucy Anderson", the surname Andersen and forename (none) was used.

The text  "unknown man" was found in the name field, then the surname and forename are entered as (none).

D=Dempsey record O= O'Brien record R=Removed (disinterred)

  Surname	              Forename            Death Year Fathers Name         Mothers Name
D (none)              (none)                     1902
D (none)              (none)                     1901
D (none)              (none)                     1902
D (none)              (none)                     1903  "unknown"            "unknown"
D (none)              (none)                     1900
D (none)              (none)                     1900
D (none)              (none)                     1901
D (none)              (none)                     1903
O (none)              (none)                     1900  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
O (none)              (none)                     1898  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
O (none)              (none)                     1898  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
O (none)              (none)                     1898  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
O (none)              (none)                     1897
O (none)              (none)                     1897
O (none)              (none)                     1904
O (none)              (none)                     1904
O (none)              (none)                     1905
O (none)              (none)                     1905
O (none)              (none)                     1905
O (none)              (none)                     1905
O (none)              (none)                     1906
O (none)              (none)                     1897
O (none)              (none)                     1898
O (none)              (none)                     1899
O (none)              (none)                     1899
O (none)              (none)                     1900
O (none)              (none)                     1904
O (none)              (none)                     1904
O (none)              (none)                     1904
O (none)              (none)                     1904
O (none)              (none)                     1903
O (none)              (none)                     1903
  (none)              (none)                     1896  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
  (none)              (none)                     1897  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
  (none)              (none)                     1896  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
  (none)              (none)                     1897  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
  (none)              (none)                     1878  "unknown"            "unknown"
  (none)              (none)                     1900  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
  (none)              (none)                     1903  (none)               (none)
  (none)              (none)                     1903  (none)               (none)
  (none)              (none)                     1891  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
  (none)              (none)                     1890  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
  (none)              (none)                     1891  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
  (none)              (none)                     1888  "unknown"            "unknown"
  (none)              (none)                     1888  "unknown"            "unknown"
O (none)              (none)                     1898  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
  (none)              (none)                     1897  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
  (none)              (none)                     1897  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
  (none)              (none)                     1897  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
  (none)              (none)                     1896  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
                                                 ©2004~2022 Graveinfo
D Adamchik            Stephen                    1893  John                 Sophia
  Adamcik             Joseph                     1891  John                 Mary
D Adamcik             Maria                      1893  Michael              Barbara
  Adancik             Majk                       1884  John                 Mary
  Alban               George                     1885  George               Jane
  Allen               Emmett                     1888  Woolsey              Laura
D Amonson             Karin                      1900                       "unk"
  Amrych              Andrrey                    1888  John                 Anna
  Andersen            Matilda                    1887  Albert               Augusta
D Anderson            (none)                     1894  Isaac                Lucy
  Anderson            Catherine                  1896  Camnella             Amelia
  Anderson            Charles                    1897  (none)               (none)
  Anderson            Charles                    1892  Albert               Augusta
  Anderson            Gustave                    1883  (none) Anderson      (none) Anderson
  Anderson            Henry                      1888  Joseph               Elizabeth
  Anderson            Joseph                     1896  (none)               (none)
  Anderson            S.                         1894  Chas A.              Mary
  Andrews             James                      1894  John                 Minnie
  Ascough             Emma                       1885  Richard              Mary Ann
  Ascough             Richard                    1887  Richard              Mary Ann
  Asendorf            Christian A.               1885  John                 Kate E.
  Asendorf            John                       1887  John H.              Catherine
  Ashcroft            Edward J.                  1886  Edward P.            Amelia
  Ashton              Charles Henry              1885  Cornelious           Mary
  Azlone              Mary                       1896  Peter                Louisa
  Bacsa               Ladislow                   1887  Valentine            Catherine
D Bahm                Caroline                   1892  Chas                 Anna
  Bahm                George                     1895  Charles              Juliana
  Bahm                Juliana                    1896  Karl                 Juliana
  Bailey              William H.                 1890  Richard P.           Nancy
O Baillis (Bailey)    Charles                    1898  not known            not known
  Baja                Ann                        1882  John                 Ellen
  Baker               Hannah Maria               1885  Richard              Elizabeth
  Baker               Joseph                     1885  (none)               (none)
O Balsturn (Balstron) Hylock                     1899  not known            not known
D Bardell             Joseph                     1897  "unknown"            "unknown"
  Barg                Ann Marie                  1881  Michael Kenk         Ann Marie Kenk
D Barnes              (none)                     1905  Geo                  Lillian
  Barry               Margaret                   1878  Michael Kenk         Johanna
  Battajlia           Frank                      1891  Frank                Mary
  Baunshaefer         Henry                      1889  William              Reuen
  Bayne               George                     1900  George               Margaret
D Beck                (none)                     1904
D Beck                Frank J                    1893  John                 Teressa
  Beck                Maggie Ann                 1885  John T.              Theresa
D Beck                Teresa                     1892  Michael Melando      Mary Melando
  Beetchi             George                     1895  George               Anna
  Behner              Willemenia                 1882  Joseph Noveski       (none) Noveski
D Beinles             Albert                     1888
  Beinsler            August                     1888  John                 Susan
  Belcher             John                       1888  John                 "unknown"
  Bell                Eliza                      1887  Isaac Robinson       Ann Robinson
  Bell                George                     1885  William              Ella
  Bell                Jossie                     1878  William              Ellen Jane Beaumont
  Bell                William                    1886  Robert W.            Catherine
  Beltz               Charles Elliott            1888  Henry Charles        Luceretia
  Beltz               William ?.S.               1882  Henry                Prisalla
  Belz                Edith                      1881  Henry                Luceilia
  Bender              Philip                     1881  Peter                Dora
  Bennett             Elija Elmer                1885  Lenard               Emma
  Bennett             N.                         1885  Leonard              Emma
  Benny               (none)                     1886  James                Mary
R Benny               Robert Jr.                 1890  Robert               Agnes
R Benny               Sadie                      1887  Hiram Van Buskirk    Rachel Van Buskirk
O Benovis             (none)                     1901  John
  Bersey              Frederick                  1886  Frederick            Anselina
  Betz                Alma M.                    1882  John                 Catherine
  Bezek               John                       1889  Stephen              Anna
O Bilar               Frank                      1905
O Billings            Joshua                     1899  not known            Clotill Billings
  Binkhardt           William George             1885  Robert               Anna Gustave
  Biros               Mary                       1890  Anton                Anna
  Bishop              Barbara                    1883  Andrew               Anna
  Black               Charles                    1883  August E.            Frederica
  Black               Margaret                   1883  John                 Kate
  Black               Thomas                     1891  John                 Kate
D Blackmore           John                       1903  John                 Bertha
  Bleek               Anna F.                    1891  Frederick Falk       Caroline
  Blohm               Henry                      1887  Henry                Margaret
  Bobincoki           John                       1892  John                 Annie
  Bobok               Annie                      1890  Alexander            Mary
  Bock                Nettie                     1888  Joseph Schmelcher    Catherine Schmelcher
D Bodela              John                       1890  Micahel              Julia
  Bodnar              Stephen                    1886  Stephan              Mary
  Boenig              Laura Julia                1900  John                 Elenora
D Bogaske (Bogaski)   Charles                    1896  Anton                Susie
D Boggski             Antone                     1901  Antone               Sarah
  Bohrer              Frederick Wilhelm          1890  Xaver                Katie
  Bohrer              William F. H.              1889  Xaver                Catherine
  Boody               Emily                      1884  Frank                Mary
O Bose                Pasquale                   1905
  Bowers              Joseph                     1888  George               Clotilda
O Boyi                (none)                     1900  Anton
  Boytim              Andrew                     1884  John                 Mary
  Bradbury            Alfred Edward              1889  Louis                Sarah
  Brady               Mary                       1900  John                 Margaret
  Brandenburger       Henry                      1884  Charles              Caroline
  Brandon             Jane                       1882  William Mc Farlan    Jane Mc Farlan
  Brandt              (none)                     1891  "can not learn"      Johanna
  Braun               Anna                       1886  John                 Anna E.
  Braun               Catherine                  1888  John                 Annie E.
O Brazo               Jos. (Joseph)              1899  Jos.                 Annie
  Breese              Mary A.                    1886  Edward L.            Carrie
  Breskowiltz         Joseph                     1887  John                 Barbara
  Breskowitz          John                       1886  John                 Barbara
  Bresneh             Josefine                   1897  John                 Anna
  Bretschneider       Mary                       1886  Jacob Fabrie         Julia Fabrie
  Britton             John                       1886  William              Mary
  Brodbeck            Stephen                    1893  "unknown"            "unknown"
D Brown               Annie                      1896  Joseph               Catherine
D Brown               Elizabeth                  1888  George               Bridget
  Brown               Emma V.                    1887  James                Lucy
  Brown               George Edward              1882  Thomas               Hannah
  Brown               Hannah                     1890  William Haldenby     Mary Haldenby
  Brown               Howard Mc K                1896  Thomas               Margaret
  Brown               James C.                   1883  James                Phoebe
  Brown               James Ray                  1886  Frederick            Millie
  Brown               Jessica May                1890  George               Margaret
  Brown               John                       1879  Thomas               Hannah
  Brown               John Leonard               1891  James                Lettice
  Brown               Maggie                     1887  Nicholas             Mary
  Brown               Maggie Sussie              1896  Thomas               Margaret
  Brown               Manuel                     1891  Thomas               Hannah
  Brown               Mary Ann                   1887  George               Emma
  Brown               Robert John                1886  Thomas               Hannah
D Brown               Ruth                       1903  "unknown"            Minnie Brown
  Brown               Sarah                      1888  Samuel               Jannet
  Brown               William                    1886  Joseph               Catherine
  Brownlee            James                      1892  James                Elizabeth
O Bruce               Ann (Anna)                 1899  not known            not known
  Bruns               Henry G.                   1883  Henry M. W.          Barbara
  Bruns               Otto                       1890  Henry                Barbara
D Brunski             George                     1889  Grorge               Barbara
  Bucher              John Bernard               1889  (none)               (none)
  Buchl               Annie                      1884  John                 Amelia
  Bucina              Edde                       1892  Te?er                Annie
O Buckley             Elizabeth                  1899  James                Nellie
  Buckley             Henrietta                  1895  James                Nellie
  Budilka             Peter                      1890  Peter                Mary
  Buiskool (Benschel) Jan (John)                 1886  (none)               (none)
  Bullard             Alfred W.                  1878  George W.            Addie
O Burns               (none)                     1904  William
  Burns               Carl                       1884  (none)               (none)
  Burns               Henry                      1884  "unknown"            "unknown"
  Burns               Mary                       1884  Thomas Dolan         (none)
  Buttler             Helen                      1898  Richard              Margaret
  Buxton              George                     1886  George               Sarah A.
  Byens               (none)                     1893  John S. Byens        Mary Byens
  Byers               Margarethe M.              1887  John S.              Mary
  Bykosz              Anna                       1890  John                 Mary
  Bykosz              Maria                      1889  John                 Maria
D Bynun               Ruth                       1904  "unknown"            "unknown"
                                                 ©2004~2022 Graveinfo
  C.                  John                       1897  (none)               (none)
  Cadmus              Anna                       1894  Abraham              Matilda
R Cadmus              Fairy B.                   1894  George               Margaret
R Cadmus              George                     1891  George               Mary
  Cadmus              George                     1878  John A.              (none) Cadmus
  Cadmus              Hanson                     1884  Thomas               Julia
  Cadmus              Hellen Vreeland            1896  G. Vreeland          Catherine
D Cadmus              Herbert                    1893  Herbert              E.
  Cadmus              James                      1888  Thomas               Julia
  Cadmus              Jasper                     1885  Jasper               Margaret
  Cadmus              Laurel Ethal               1889  Barlen               Juliett
R Cadmus              Margaret                   1900  Richard S. Runyou    Gertrude
  Cadmus              Nellie                     1884  Ruben                Juliett
  Cadmus              Rachael                    1881  Henry Vreeland       Leah Vreeland
R Cadmus              Sarah Ann                  1891  William Runyon       Sarah Ann Runyon
R Cadmus              Theodore                   1889  George               Sarah Ann
  Cadmus              Thomas                     1893  George               Mary
D Campbell            (none)                     1901  Henry                Mary
  Campbell            George M.                  1886  John                 Sarah
  Campbell            Jessie Viola               1885  John                 Sarah
O Carbone             Angiola                    1906
  Cardone             Louis                      1888  Frank                Fidele
  Carlsen             Charles                    1890  "unknown"            "unknown"
  Carragan            Gertrude                   1884  Henry Van Horne      Cattina Van Horn
  Casper              John                       1887  John                 Lizzie
D Casper              Katie                      1892  John                 Lizzie
  Ceese               James                      1880  not known            not known
  Ceirburs            Tracie                     1892  Stief                Johanna
O Chadlowski          (none)                     1902  Tony
  Chamberlane         Erna                       1892  Isaac                Helen
  Charne              Andrew                     1890  Michael              Mary
D Chovan              Katie                      1889  Mathew               Helen
O Christ              (none)                     1900  Christopher
O Christ              (none)                     1902  Bernard
  Christ              Anna C M                   1896  Casper               Anna
  Christ              Augusta L. W.              1886  John G.              Wilhemenna H. C.
  Christ              Casper William             1883  Bernhardt            Catharine
O Christ              Christopher                1899  Christopher          Emily
  Christ              George Harry               1895  George               Wilhelmine
  Christ              Henrietta Paulina          1893  John G. Christ       Wilhelmina Christ
  Cieslak             John                       1886  Joseph               Mairie
D Cieslak             Mary                       1888  Joseph               Ella
  Cihak               Nettie                     1885  Anton                Nettie
  Clancy              Dennis                     1887  James                Mary
  Clansen             John Peter                 1885  Peter                Johanna
  Clayton             Rosa Olive                 1889  Thomas G.            Mary Jane
  Clayton             Thomas                     1892  Thomas G.            Mary J.
O Clemants            Mildred                    1903  Andrew Clemants      Agness ???dall
  Clemens             Freddie W.                 1880  Thomas               Etta
O Clement             Joseph                     1899  Thomas               Mary
D Clune               Andrew                           Mike                 Mary
D Cmars               Henry                      1889  George
  Cocine              Elizabeth                  1880  George Mac Donald    Rachel Mac Donald
  Cole                Michael                    1888  John                 Anna
O Cole                Thomas                     1899  not known            not known
  Cool                Margaret                   1879  Fritz                Dorathea Kohl
  Cooper              Caroline D.                1897  (none)               (none)
  Cooper              Nellie Louise              1890  Francis              Mary
  Copestick           George                     1886  William              Mary
D Cortwright          William                    1903
  Couch               William S.                 1885  Walter               Sarah
D Cowperthwait        John                       1897  (none)               (none)
O Cox                 (none)                     1900
  Cozine              George                     1903  Jacob                Lottie
D Csaki               (none)                     1894  Peter
D Csaki               John                       1893  Peter                Barbara
D Csanda              Joseph                     1897  Joseph               Mary
D Csanda              Mary                       1894  John                 Mary
  Cubberley           Blanch                     1887  William H.           Rebbecca
  Cubberly            (none)                     1879  William H.           Rebach?ah
  Cubberly            Eliza V.                   1879  Thomas Mc Donald     Hanah Mc Donald
  Cubberly            Thomas                     1884  Jacob                Mary
  Cubberly            Thomas                     1879  Jacob                May
  Cushmeyer           Margaret (Maggie)          1889  Martin               Catherine
  Cushmeyer           Rosie                      1896  Martin               Catherine
  Daniel              Anna                       1889  Andrs                Anna
D Daniel              Matias                     1892  George
D Daniels             Elizabeth                  1897  Andrew               Anna
  Daniels             Elizabeth                  1899  Andrew               Anna
D Daniels             John                       1892  Andrew               Anna
  Dazel               Joseph                     1882  Pinlols              Josephine
  Decker              Katie A.                   1879  Wilson               Anna M.
  Deitzel             Frederick W                1889  Phillip              Minnie
O Demster             (none)                     1897  J                    M
  Demvice             Annie                      1889  Alexander            Susie
D Demyanovich         Annie                      1897
  Deneo               Fred                       1896  Frank                Annie
  Denver              Richard                    1886  Richard              Caroline
O Denvich             John                       1898  Constine             Julia
  Denvits             Alexander                  1885  Alexander            Anne
  Denwich             Anna                       1897  Theodore B.          Sophie B.
  Desseffi            Mary                       1890  Emell                Annie
  Deubert             Louise                     1890  Peter                Margaret
  Deubert             William Henry              1887  Peter                Margaret
  Deupbert            Charles                    1893  Peter                Margaret
  Deveers             Charles                    1892  George               don’t know
  Dexter              Maria Jane                 1887  Cornelius Cadmus     Rachel Cadmus
D Dietrich            John M                     1893  John                 Mary
  Dilks               Rosina                     1887  Bariel Kunze         Mary Kunze
  Ditzel              John                       1889  Phillip              Wilhelmenia
  Ditzel              Minnie                     1889  Phillip              Wilhelmenia
  Ditzel              Susie                      1889  Phillip              Wilhelmenia
  Dolyns              Richard                    1893  Stephen              Annie
O Dombosky            (none)                     1902  Stephen
D Donnan              Albert N                   1889  Cushing              Albina
O Donnelly            John                       1901  John                 (illegible)
  Doudash             Mary                       1889  Andrew               Mary
  Dramba              Mary                       1887  John                 Annie
  Dramba              Mary                       1889  John                 Annie
O Drew                (none)                     1900  Fred
D Duarck              Edward                     1894  Edward               Annie
  Dubinski            Lizzie                     1892  George               Lizzie
D Duda                Adam                       1893  John                 Marie
  Duda                Joseph                     1900  Joseph               Mary
D Duda                Peter                      1893  John                 Mary
D Dudas               Rosalie                    1896  Andrew               Mary
  Duelk (Dulk)        John T.                    1891  John                 Catherine
  Dulkarviez          John                       1883  not known            not known
  Dulock              Kate                       1908  John                 Regina
D Dumbrunski          Lizzie                     1893  George               Lizzie
  Duncan              Arthur Webb                1887  Thomas               Jane
O Duncan              Margaret                   1898  Harry                Mary
O Dunken              John                       1900  Joseph               Mary
  Dunn                (none)                     1892  Harry                Annie
O Dwyer               Michael                    1898  not known            not known
  Dzilazky            John                       1890  John                 Susan
  Dzilazky            Susie                      1888  John                 Susie
  Dzilsky             Joseph                     1895  John                 Annie
O Dzvorak             (none)                     1902  George
  Eberling            Emma                       1889  Conrad               Barbara
  Eberling            Lydia Margaret             1893  Conrad               Barbara
  Eberling            Margaret                   1885  (none)               (none)
  Eckert              Edward                     1896  William J            Martha
  Edwards             Ellen L.                   1882  Cornelius            Rachel
  Ekquist             Annie Josephina            1888  John                 Manda
  Ekquist             Emil                       1888  John                 Amanda
  Ekquist             Jennie Christina           1890  John                 Amanda
  Eling               Rabs                       1892  Frederick            Mary
O Elliot              Joseph                     1901
  Elsworth            Rachaeletta                1869  Peter                (none) Vreeland
  Emenson             Caroline                   1900  "not known"          "not known"
  Emery               William                    1891  Edward               Bella
O Engel               James                      1903
  Erza                Sinna                      1886  John                 Anna
  Evans               Simon J.                   1897  James                Susan
  Evans               Susannah                   1884  Simon Simons         Mary Simons
                                                 ©2004~2022 Graveinfo
  Fabuea              Nellie                     1895  Mike                 Marie
O Fabula              Joseph                     1898  Joseph               Anna
D Fabula              Nellie                     1889  Stephen              Annie
D Fabulla             Ellie                      1892  Stephen              Annie
D Fabyan              Marie                      1892  Francis              Elizabeth
  Fahnkow             Charles                    1888  Frederick            Willemenia
O Fahrian             John                       1898  Henry                Albertine
  Falk                Fred                       1881  William              Caroline
O Falka               (none)                     1902  Frank
  Farr                Alberdine                  1888  Henry Hix            Catherine Hix
R Farr                Anna M                     1872
R Farr                Elizabeth                  1889  Carl                 Alberdina
R Farr                Johanna Louisa             1879  Wm C.                Dora
R Farr                William G.L.               1872
  Farrell             Margaret                   1884  Nathaniel            Annie B.
  Fasc                Maria                      1891  Phillip Nix          Anna B. Nix
  Fass                John                       1888  John                 Catherine
D Fedash              (none)                     1891  George               Mary
O Fedorcko            John                       1897  John                 Eleonra
  Feinen              John                       1883  John                 Rebecca
O Felvey              (none)                     1901  William              Margaret
  Fene                Josephine                  1903  Stanislaw            Agness
  Ferguseon           Robert William             1891  James Henry          Margaret
  Ferguson            Archibold                  1897  James                (illegible)
  Ferguson            James                      1895  James                Margaret
D Ferris              Frank                      1902
  File                Louisa                     1885  William              Lavina
  Finn                Sarah                      1894  Michael              Mary
  Fischer             Adolph                     1896  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
  Fischer             Charles                    1887  Frederick            Elisa
  Fischer             Gottlieb Friedrich         1887  Johann F.            Margarethe
  Fischer             Mary Elizabeth             1884  George               Katie
  Fischer             Minnie F.                  1886  George F.            Katie
  Foerst              Joseph                     1888  John                 Carrie
  Folson              Charles S.                 1885  Stefohen             Etta
  Ford                (none)                     1885  Andrew J.            Sarah L.
  Ford                John Smith                 1880  not known            not known
O Fore                Eva                        1899  Thaddeus             Franciska
  Forest              Frederick                  1887  John                 Kununegunda
  Forman              Charles Augustus           1887  Daniel               Havanah E.
D Foster              Bettie                     1888  Harry Thompson       Mary Foster
  Franke              Anna Maria                 1885  John Hollenback      Caroline Holleback
  Franke              Anna Maria Carolina        1882  August E.            Anna. M.
D Franklin            Russel                     1902
  Franklin            Samuel W.                  1885  Samuel W.            Mary
D Fraser              Ida                        1893  Joseph Smith         Annie Smith
  Freader             Christina                  1879  Sophi? Groom         Catherine Groom
  Freader             George                     1895  "unknown"            "unknown"
D Frehart             Katie                      1891  Jacob                Ellen
  French              Annie                      1887  (none)               (none)
  French              John J.                    1898  William H.           Catherine
D Frengi              Eddie                      1896  Joseph               Connelli
  Fresden             Pauline                    1893  David Bernhardt      Rosa Bernhardt
  Friehart            Theresa                    1888  Jacob                Eva
  Frohlich            Phillip                    1888  Valentine            Mary
  Fuchke              Gazilla                    1892  George               Annie
R Fudge               Ellen                      1893  Thomas Daniels       Sarah
  Fudge               Ellen                      1889  Samuel               Ann
R Fudge               William                    1890  William              Elizabeth
R Fudge               William                    1888  William              Ellen
  Fudge               William Samuel             1885  Samuel               Ann
  Fuhrman             Frida                      1885  Louis                Augusta
  Fuhrmann            Willie                     1889  Louis                Augusta
  Gaines              Hannah S.                  1885  John H.              Ellen E.
  Gala                Charles                    1889  John                 Anna
  Galambos            John                       1895  Anton                Laura
  Gale                John                       1900  John                 Mary
  Galena              Abbie W.E.                 1879  Eugene               Emma
  Galla               Andrew                     1889  Andrew               Anna
O Gallagher           Leo                        1904
  Gallagher           Thos.                      1895  (none)               (none)
  Garbs               Herman R.                  1881  Herman               Margaret
  Gardner             Arthur Walter              1887  "unknown"            "unknown"
  Garrabrant          Peter                      1879  Garrett              Ann
  Gassmann            Christina A.               1883  John                 Johanna
  Gassmann            Frederica                  1883  John                 Johanna
  Gassmann            Frederick                  1883  John                 Johanna
  Gavin               Florence                   1886  Wm                   Mary Ann Van Buskett
  Geibel              Edgar                      1898  Edgar                M
  Geibel              Elizabeth                  1891  Robert F. A.         Elizabeth
  Geibel              Lillie                     1894  Louis                Minnie
  Geibel              Robert                     1891  Robert F. A.         Elizabeth
  Geibel (Geible)     Frederick W                1888  Charles              Fannie L.
  Geible              Harriet E.                 1879  Frederick W.         Elizabeth
  Gerke               Caroline                   1887  Frederick            Dorothee
D Gernardt            Michael                    1896  Michael              Emma
  Gersch              Richard                    1887  Ladislow             Emma
O Gertzelse           (none)                     1903  John                 Ella
  Getlsen             Emily                      1889  Charles              Johan
  Gibson              Rose Ann                   1885  Patrick Mc Gee       Rose Mc Gee
O Gibson              Vera (Vern)                1898  John                 Millis
  Gill                Elisabeth                  1897  Ernest Burke         (none) Burke
  Gill                Phillip Edward William     1890  Phillip              Mary
  Gill                William                    1897  John                 Elizabeth
  Gilligan            Minnie                     1885  Daniel               Anna
  Gitlesen            Annie M.                   1889  Charles J.           Johnsie
D Gitlesen            Ella                       1893  Charles              Johanah
D Gitlesen            Emily                      1889  Charles
D Gitlesen            Johan Eil                  1888  Charles              Johan??ns
D Gitlessen           Hellen                     1895  Chas
  Gmetrs              John                       1890  John                 Annie
  Gnaff               Julia J.                   1879  John                 Lenan
D Goblet              (none)                     1894  John
  Golambus            Ernest                     1894  Anton                Laura
  Golden              George                     1893  Edward               (illegable)
  Golyck              George                     1891  John                 Mary
  Golyik              John                       1897  John                 Barbara
  Golyik              John                       1890  John                 Bor??ry
  Gonder              Henry Herman               1892  Jacob                Annie
D Goshenek            Louis                      1902  Joseph               Sophia
  Gotschawbu          Margaretta                 1890  Joseph               Mary
  Graf                Adolf F.H.                 1878  C. W.                Sarah
D Grant               Minnie                     1904
  Greaff              (none)                     1888  John                 Sarah
  Greco               Gisseppe                   1879  (none)               (none)
  Green               Franklin ?.                1885  Ow?lsrin             Sarah Jan???un
O Gregor              Mary                       1905
O Griffen             (none)                     1902                       Mary
  Grimmer             John                       1877
  Griswell            William                    1880  Forest               Annie M.
  Groben              Phillip                    1886  Phillip              Elizabeth
  Groben              Victor                     1878  Philip               Elizabeth
D Gromos              Andrew                     1893  John                 Mary
  Gromos              Anne                       1890  Tom                  Mary
D Gromos              Henry                      1890  John                 Annie
  Gropholz            Maria                      1893  George               Carolina
  Gross               (none)                     1899  Jacob                Mary
  Gross               (none)                     1899  Jacob                Mary
  Grossholtz          George                     1895  George               Carrie
O Grzybrowski         Sygmund                    1899  George               Pauline
  Guida               Frank                      1882  John                 Mary
  Guska               Annie C.                   1887  August               Anna
  Gustafson           Axel                       1886  Anderson             Gertrude
D Guz (Guzi)          Anna                       1894  Wasel                Anna
                                                 ©2004~2022 Graveinfo
  Hackathorne         Hannah L                   1881  "unknown"            "unknown"
O Hacona              (none)                     1902  Peter
  Hahn                Katie                      1880  Joseph               Leena Keefer
  Halbheer            John C.                    1891  "unknown"            Barbara
  Hall                Flora                      1888  "unknown"            Maria Hall
  Hall                Gertrude                   1886  John Jackson Hall    Jane Ann Hall
  Hallgren            Oscar                      1901  Charles              Louisa
  Halsey              Charles Henry              1884  Wilford E.           Ida
  Hamer               Thomas                     1887  William              Sarah
  Hames               Lizzie                     1890  William              Sarah
D Hanauck             John                       1890
  Hanson              Charles Albert             1889  Charles W.           E?elaide
  Hanson              Paul Joergen               1885  Hanz                 Carrie
  Harcher             Annie                      1889  Andrew               Elizabeth
  Harding             Eugene D.                  1883  William              Abb?
D Haresan (Haresar)   Stephen                    1893  John                 Elizabeth
  Harese              Annie                      1891  Stephen              Lizzie
  Harker              (none)                     1888  Stephen              Ruth
  Harker              Catherine                  1883  Stephen              Ruth
  Harker              George                     1893  Stephen              Ruth
  Harker              William Walter             1886  Stephen              Ruth
D Harris              John Clifford              1896  Thomas               Mary
O Hartnett            William                    1903  "don't know"         "don't know"
D Harvey              Gilbert W.                 1889  Charles              Ann
D Hauck               Augusta                    1895  Louis                Elizabeth
  Hauck               Louis                      1888  Louis                Elizabeth
  Heap                Mary                       1886  (none) Watson        (none) Watson
  Heckathorn          Anna Louisa                1880  James R.             Anna Louisa
  Heege               Gustave                    1880  Jacob                Eliza
  Heege               Viola                      1880  Jacob                Eliza
O Heffernan           (none)                     1902  Patrick
O Heffernan           (none)                     1905  Patrick
D Hefnes              Lizzie                     1893  John                 Johanah
  Heichelbech         Frances                    1893  Joseph               Christine
  Heiehelbech         Carrie                     1891  Joseph               Christina
  Heil                Georgia                    1891  Geo                  Mary
  Heitman             Bertha                     1892  Frederick Wm Carl    Bertha
  Heitmann            Daniel                     1900  Louis                Elizabeth
  Heitmann            Fredrick                   1892  Fred                 Bertha
  Hellwig             Edward Charles             1891  (none)               (none)
  Hendrickson         Charlotte                  1898  Adolph               Marie
  Hendrickson         Rudolph Henrick            1889  Adolph               Mary
D Herbert             Edward                     1895  Edward               Grace
D Herbert             Lydia                      1889  Edwin                Grace
  Herford             Thomas Henry               1890  Henry                Annie
O Hersey              Maggie                     1898  not known            not known
  Hettinger           Annie                      1890  Ernest               Babara
  Hettinger           Ernest Herman              1892  Ernest               Barbara
  Hickman             Elizabeth                  1880  Henry Vreeland       Lucinda Vreeland
  Hiekman             William                    1889  not known            not known
  Hise                Edon                       1879  David                Rosanna
O Hladik              (none)                     1899  Charles
O Hoaken              Mary                       1897
  Hock                Wilma                      1889  Louis                Susanna
  Hoegelsberger       Viola                      1885  J.H. Jr              Nora Lindenberg
  Hoff                Emma                       1901  Frederick            Mary
  Hoff                Rudolph Phillip            1897  Frederick            Mary
  Hoffman             Frederick William          1893  John                 Annie
  Hoffman             Henry                      1889  Henry                Anna
  Hoffman             Joseph                     1889  Henry                Anna
O Hoffman             William                    1900  Henry                Annie
  Hofmann             Albert Carl                1899  John                 Annie
  Hofmann             Charles Frederick          1892  John                 Annie
  Hohn                Peter                      1885  Soren                Dorthea
  Holdman             May                        1889  Auston               Emma B.
  Hollday             Henry                      1889  August               Dora
  Hollenbach          Caroline                   1900  Phillip Nip          Barbara Nip
  Hollenbach          John                       1895  Andrew               Catherine
  Hollenbach          Peter                      1892  Andrew               Margaret
  Hollenbeck          Elizabeth                  1884  Heinrich Ekart       Anna Maria Ekart
  Hollenbock          Elenore                    1889  John P.              Louisa
  Hollenbock          John Jr.                   1881  John                 Caroline
  Hollenbock          Louisa Margaret            1886  Conrad Otto          Margaret Otto
  Hollenstorm         Anna C.                    1891  John                 E.
  Hollenstrom         John Oscar Leonard         1882  John Alfred          Carolina Carlotta
  Holls               (none)                     1888  Frederick W.         Catherine
  Holunbek            Vincenc                    1890  Wenkel               Anna
O Homjak              Annie                      1901  John                 Mary
  Homzak              Mary                       1897  John                 Mary
D Honck               Harold                     1902  Louis                Elizabeth
D Hopko               Annie                      1888  John                 Annie
  Hopko               Joseph                     1890  John                 Annie
D Hopoke (Hoboka)     John                       1896  John                 Annie
  Houston             William Walace             1890  John                 Julia
  Hromyak             Marie                      1892  Peter                Annie
O Hruza               Emma                       1900  Ennil                Maggie
O Hruza               Helen                      1897  Emrel                Maggy
  Hruzr               Borener                    1887  Emanuel              Madeline
D Hudak               Mary                       1895  Wasil                Mary
  Hudson              Betty Louise               1888  Archie Hudson        Mary Foster
  Huford              Elizabeth                  1885  Benjamin             Annie
  Hullgreen           Charles John Walter        1887  John                 Louisa
  Hullgren            Peter                      1897  Charles              Lousia
  Hummell             (none)                     1890  Moses                Mercy
  Hundley             William                    1898  William              Sarah
  Hunford             Annie Ruth                 1881  Benjamin             Annie
D Hunt                James                      1902  "unknown"            Ellen Hunt
O Hunt                Susan                      1897  John Beby            Betsey Conners
  Hunter              Annie M.                   1887  William L. Beumont   Matilda Beumont
  Hurcan              Mary                       1894  Stephen              Elizabeth
  Hurford             Sarah Ann                  1882  John Anthony         Mary Anthony
  Huth                Charles Henry              1882  Christian C.         Amelia
  Huth                Christian Chas             1878  Chris                Amelia
  Huth                Lillie                     1885  Christian C.         Amelia
  Huth                Matilda                    1882  Christian C.         Amelia
  Huth                Minnie                     1890  August Wegener       Anna Wgener
  Iden                Caroline                   1893  (none) Rash          Caroline Rash
  Iden                Lillian Selma Ottillar     1888  Henry                Caroline
  Ienard              Patrick J.                 1881  John                 Peliqie
D Illiso              (none)                     1904  Angelo               Mary
  Isaacson            (none)                     1883  ?itios               Ruth R.
  Isaacson            Ruth Victoria              1883  ?ities               Ruth
  Isbells             (none)                     1879  Wm E.                Agusta
  Jackle              Julia                      1895  Charles              Frances
  Jackson             Bertha Mary                1887  Thomas               Elizabeth
  Jackson             Clarence Edward            1882  Edward               Jennie Van Buskirk
  Jackson             Diadamia                   1879  Cornelias            Mary
  Jackson             Florence                   1887  Thomas               Elizabeth
O Jackson             James                      1898  James                Mary
D Jackson             Lucy                       1889  Irving Schuyler      Emma Jackson
  Jackson             Miliken                    1885  ?ardy                Polly
  Jade                Theodore                   1882  Fred                 Wilhemenna
  Jaekel              Frank                      1896  Chas                 [illegible]
  Jaekle              Albert A.                  1890  Chas                 Frances
  Jahn                A. Hugo Otto               1887  Otto                 Lucy
D Jamigoseph          Maggie                     1893  Joseph               Maggie
  Jansen              Anna Christina             1883  Hans J. Peterson     Anna Peterson
O Jaslowicz           (none)                     1904  Stanley              Margaret
O Jawosik             Jno                        1900  John                 Susie
  Jensen              Alfred                     1897  Charles              Albens
  Jensen              Daniel                     1898  Andreas              Sarah
  Jensen              Frederick                  1886  Andrew               Sarah
  Jensen              Johann                     1887  Andras               Sarah
  Jhanson             Abraham                    1886  Henry                Ann Jane
  Joede               Frederick                  1888  Thomas Pie?tergas    Mary Joede
  Joggerst            Joseph                     1894  Behnard              Sophie
  Johanson            Olof Hilmer                1886  "unknown"            "unknown"
  Johnson             (none)                     1888  Edward               Essie
  Johnson             Louis                      1883  John                 Mary
  Johnson             Mamie                      1890  John                 Rebecca
  Johnson             Mary                       1888  cannot ascertain     cannot ascertain
  Johnson             Merium                     1897  "unknown"            "unknown"
  Johnson             Nile Pearson Jackson       1887  John Johnson         Emma Jackson
O Johnston            (none)                     1904                       Ellen
O Johnston            Gertie                     1898  Hugo                 Jennie
D Johnston            James                      1888  George               Ellen
O Johnston            John P.                    1902
D Johnston            Theodore                   1896  "unknown"            "unknown"
O Jolks               George                     1899  John                 Mary
R Jones               Addison                    1880
D Jones               Catherine                  1901
  Jones               Edward A.                  1880  Wikinson             Kate
  Jones               Frank                      1882  Levi                 Martha
  Jones               Frederick                  1903  Fredrick             Mary
  Jones               Hannah                     1895  Thomas               Mary
  Jones               Margaret Annie             1887  William              Annie
  Jones               Mary Lord                  1882  Joseph               Annie
D Jones               Peter                      1893  Peter                Jennie
R Jones               Wilkinson                  1875
  Jonson              Bonzer                     1893  Charles              Elenor
  Jordan              Annie                      1884  Daniel Lavery        Catherine Lavery
  Jorden              Edwin F.                   1880  Albert               Annie Pa??sy
D Jordon              John                       1905  Wilbert              Annie
  Judra               Ella                       1894  Frank                Mary
D Juhaz (Jhaz)        John                       1892  Andrew               Marie
O Juinba (Januba)     Anna                       1898  John                 Anna
D Jukas               John                       1896  Andrew               Annie
  Jumbs               Anna                       1887  Michael              Mary
  Jumbs               John                       1886  Michael              Mary
  Jumbs               Michael                    1888  Michael              Mary
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  Kabyns              Peter                      1895  Joseph               Natsha
O Kaczmarczek         Frank                      1898  J.                   Vemua
  Kaller              Bertha                     1896  Louis                Augusta
  Kamanicky           Mary                       1889  none                 Mary Kamanicky
  Kamke               August                     1891  August               Lena
  Kamke               Carl August                1893  August               Caroline
  Kamkos              Andro                      1889  Andro                Susie
D Kane                (none)                     1900  Patrick              Annie
D Kaninsky            Frank                      1893  Frank                Elizabeth
D Kasmer              (none)                     1905  Louie                Mary
  Kassebaun           George Henry               1892  Henry                Annie
D Katica              John                       1891  John                 Anna
O Katticar            (none)                     1901  George
O Kawlya (Kawrlya)    Mary                       1898  Michl                Mary
D Keallher            Morris                     1906
D Kebles              Andro (Andrew)             1891  Simon                Barbara
  Kellermann          John J                     1893  John                 Bertha
  Kelsey              Solomon                    1887  Samuel               Rosa
O Kelty               Mark                       1899  "unknown"            "unknown"
D Kenay               Annie                      1892  Andrew               Mary
D Kenay               Mary                       1892  Andrew               Mary
  Kennedy             Margaret                   1883  Michael              Ellen
O Kenny               (none)                     1898  Patrick
  Keontoz             Maria                      1887  George               Anna
  Kermann             Augustina                  1888  Constant             Elizabeth
O Kessler             Lillie L                   1904
  Keynton             Samuel                     1890  Douglas              Unie
  Kich                George                     1901  George               Mary
O King                John                       1900  "unknown"            "unknown"
O King                Thomas                     1900  James                Mary
  Kingsley            Ella                       1886  James                Mary
  Kinkade             (none)                     1895  William              Susie
  Kinkade             Wm John                    1882  William              Susan
D Kirk                Edward R                   1907  Edward               Clara
  Kirk                Mary                       1891  John Hendly          Helen
  Klimek              Joseph                     1893  Joseph               Mary
D Kline               (none)                     1900  Herbert              Lillian
  Klubensbes          Sadie                      1895  Henry Betsel         Louisa Betsel
O Kmec                Andrew                     1900  George               Susie
  Kmec                Annie                      1891  John Dobowsky        Annie
  Kmere               John                       1886  George               Lizzie
  Kmetz               Annie                      1896  George               Sussie
  Knaph               Peter (twins)              1887  John                 Katie
  Knecht              Joseph                     1885  Philip               Elizabeth
  Knight              James                      1897  James Knight         Christina Wirth
  Koaka               Marie                      1884  George               (illegible)
O Kobesky             Mary                       1902
  Kocamba             Joseph                     1890  John                 Mary
  Koch                Christina                  1891  Anson                Theresia
  Koerkel             William                    1885  Jacob                Mary
  Kogamba             John                       1886  Andrew               Elizabeth
  Kogamla             Mary                       1886  Joseph               Mary
  Kohler              John Charles               1891  John C.              Johanah
O Kolar               John                       1902
  Kolar               John                       1891  John                 Annie
  Kolar               Mary                       1889  Andro                Lena
D Kolarik             Annie                      1891  John                 Annie
  Kolarik             Mary                       1889  John                 Annie
  Kolarik             Theresa                    1889  John                 Annie E.
  Koler               Bertha                     1884  (illegible)          (illegible)
D Kolinsky            Mary                       1897  Mike                 Mary
  Koller              James                      1885  Andrew               Lena
  Koller              Joseph                     1891  Andrew               Helen
  Koller              Lizzie                     1890  Andrew               Lena
O Kolpin              Atelia                     1902
D Konko               William                    1896  Frank                Verrien
D Konko (Konks)       Frank                      1896  Frank                Vera
D Koolyab             Annie                      1890  Micahael             Annie
D Korahks (Korahko)   John                       1893  Julius               Theresa
  Korba               Andrew                     1898  Jacob                Mary
D Korba               Helen                      1895  Yasko                Marie
  Korba               Helen                      1903  John                 Mary
D Koreys              Joseph                     1891  (none)               (none)
  Korupchak           Annie                      1890  Frank                Susan
  Koshira             Michael                    1891  John                 Anna
D Koski               Andrew                     1896  Dennis               Barbara
  Koslap              John                       1889  Andrew               Anna
  Koslap              Josephine                  1893  Andrew               Annie
  Koslap              Mary                       1890  Andrew               Annie
  Koslyab             Andrs                      1888  Andro                Anna
  Kostura             John                       1889  John                 Mary
  Kostura             Michael                    1888  John                 Anna
  Kotulyak            John                       1888  John                 Mary
D Koulis              Henry                      1890  Joseph               Annie
  Kovalszky           Julia Ann                  1886  Anton                Mary
D Kowalzik (Kowalzik) Mary                       1894  Lorenzo              Kate
  Kraki               Mike                       1890  Denni                Katie
D Kramer              Victor                     1897  Michael              Catherine
  Krantz              Katie                      1881  Henry                (none)
  Krause              John                       1898  Jacob                "unknown"
  Krauss              Ida A                      1896  John                 Amelia
  Krechmann           Rosa                       1881  Charles              Paulina
  Kreiss              Christopher                1893  Christopher          Catherine
  Kreiss              Theresa                    1881  (Unknwon M?)         (illegible)
  Kreutschamp         (none)                     1887  "unknown"            Lucetta
  Kreutz Kamp         Caroline D.                1881  Charles              Caroline
  Krobrok             Edie                       1891  Frank                Susan
  Kroki               John                       1886  Dennis               Barbara
D Kroski              (none)                     1896  George               Annie
O Krubzia             Joseph                     1901
  Krutz Kamp          George                     1878  Ch??                 Lena
  Krutzecamp          Fredrick M.                1887  Charles              Madelena
  Kuhl                (none)                     1891  Frederick            Dora
  Kuhl                Bernhard E.                1882  John                 Gertrude
  Kuhl                Emma Louisa                1888  Frederick            Dora
  Kuhle               August                     1890  "unknown"            "unknown"
  Kuhle               Lena                       1898  "unknown" Rickett    "unknown" Rickett
D Kuhlenwein          Anna                       1894  Frederick Culver     Abbie Culver
  Kuhn                William                    1881  William              Maydaline
  Kukla               [none]                     1895  Frederick            Charlette
O Kukla               August                     1898  Frederick            Shalali
D Kulek               George                     1893  John                 Marie
  Kunc                Elenore                    1878  George               Caroline
  Kunz                Joseph                     1886  John                 Thekla
  Kunz                Joseph                     1891  Jno                  Leekler
  Kurz                George                     1900  Jacob                don’t know
  Kurz                Joseph                     1891  George               Carloline
  Kurz                Ludwig                     1886  George               Caroline
O Kwoka               Peter                      1897  Viktor               Annie
  La Tourette         Andrew                     1886  Andrew               Agnes
  Lacronyi            Louis                      1891  Samuel               Susan
  Lake                Alfred Edward              1878  George W. C.         Gertrude J.
  Lakza               Julia                      1889  John                 Anna
D Lang                Jacob Adam                 1897  Jacob                Anna
  Lang                Sebblie                    1894  Mitchell             Margaretta
  Larsen              Peter                      1889  Lars Peter           Christina
  Latouraette         Julia                      1885  Andrew               Agness
O Latourette          Johanna                    1898  James                Ann
  Latourette          Mary J.                    1881  Thomas               Leovenia
  Latourette          Paul                       1896  Paul                 Susan
  Latourette          Samuel                     1881  Thomas               Leovenia
  Latourette          Sarah                      1882  Cornelius Simmonson  Catherine Simmonson
  Latourette          Thomas S.                  1881  Thomas               Leovenia
  Lautenschlager      August                     1890  Frederick            Augusta
  Lautenshlager       Albert                     1885  Carl                 Agnes
  Lautenshlager       Ella                       1888  Charles              Agnes
  Lawrence            Highwather                 1897  Charles              Annie
O Lazaretto           Fortunato                  1903
O Lee                 (none)                     1901  William
  Leeming             Thomas                     1886  Thomas               Ann
  Leis                Mary                       1886  Andrew               Mary
  Lemal               Frank                      1889  Jacob                not known
  Lemal               Joseph                     1889  Francis              Elizabeth
  Lentz               Gertrude                   1890  William              Emma
  Lentz               William W                  1893  William              Emma
  Levers              Elizabeth                  1886  Charles              Lois
  Levers              Viola H.                   1886  Charles              Lois
  Lewer               Robert Henry               1891  William              Sarah
  Lewis               Emily                      1883  James A.             Elizabeth
D Lewis               Henrietta                  1889  "unknown"            "unknown"
  Lewis               James                      1888  James A.             Elizabeth
  Lewis               Joor                       1880  Gus A.               Elizabeth
  Lewis               Lucy                       1882  James Alfred Lewis   Elizabeth Lewis
  Lewis               Ruth                       1883  James A.             Elizabeth
  Leyboll             (none)                     1884  May?                 Susie
O Lezer               Joseph                     1897  Joseph               Lizzie
D Ligimond            Joseph                     1893  Paul                 Catherine
O Liginsky            Adam                       1901
O Lilas               Elizabeth                  1899  "unknown"            "unknown"
  Lindberg            Elizabeth                  1895  John                 Sophia
  Lindberg            John Andrew                1891  John                 Sophie
  Lindquist           Mauritz Fredolph           1888  Abel                 Elisi
  Lindsey             Hannah Margaret            1878  Richard              Margaret
  Linquiest           Helena                     1895  Alexander            Elizi
O Linquist            John                       1901
O Linsey              Annie                      1903  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
  Little              Alfred                     1900  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
D Lobals              (none)                     1888  Mark
  Lock                Mary                       1889  Martin               Mary Becbonesis
D Lodd                Charles                    1905  Fredrick             Harriet
  Lodzenoch           Mary                       1900  Mike                 Dora
D Lodzenoch           Michael                    1891  Michael              Dora
O Lohman              Nicholas                   1898  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
D Lokavcik            Miklos                     1901
D Lomacero            Pauline                    1901  Mike                 Mary
D Loric               Hatko                      1888  John                 Mary
  Loy                 John                       1881  Bernard              Sarah
  Loyd                Francis                    1889  Charles              Mary
  Lubeck              Barnard                    1894  Louis                Caroline
O Lubeck              Delia B.                   1903
O Lubeck              Louis                      1899  don't know           don’t know
O Lubeck              Louisa                     1898  Louis                Mary
O Luce                Harry                      1900  Harry                Alice
O Luce                John                       1905
  Luckuz              Andrew                     1887  Andrew               Mary
  Luke                Richard                    1884  Edmond               Jane
O Lukiewicz (LukiewiecPeter                      1905  can not learn        can not learn
  Luvko               John                       1888  Andrew               Mary
  Luvko               Mary                       1887  Andrew               Mary
  Luvks               Barbara                    1886  Andrew               Mary
D Lynch               (none)
O Lynch               (none)                     1900
                                                 ©2004~2022 Graveinfo
O Ma?er               (none)                     1901  Paul
  Mac Donald          George                     1898  Richard              (none)
  Mac Donald          Harriet S.                 1895  Francis Klien        Catherine Klien
  Macesko             Michael                    1894  Joseph               Mary
  Mack                Maggie                     1903  Ambrose              Elizabeth
  Macko               Andrew                     1886  George               Annie
O Macko               George                     1901
  Macks               Anna                       1889  John                 Anna
  Macks               John                       1890  John                 Anne
D Macks               Joseph                     1895  George               Anna
D Macnaley            Joseph                     1895  Stephen              Mary
  Macsuga             Mary                       1891  Stephen              Annie
O Maczko              John                       1897  John                 Annie
  Mahnken             John R.                    1903  John R.              Mary
D Mahoney             (none)                     1901  Mike                 Anna
  Maier               Frederick William          1897  Paul                 Mary
  Maier               Hellen Matilda             1900  Paul                 Mary
O Majorros            John                       1898  not known            not known
  Malloy              John                       1898  Mathew               Sarah
  Malloy              John                       1888  Robert               Margaret
  Malloy              John                       1884  Robert               Margaret
  Malloy              Thomas                     1891  Robert               Margaret
  Malloy              Thomas                     1883  Robert               Margaret
  Manix               Margaret                   1903  John                 Mary
  Manning             Oscar                      1901  Oscar                Clara
  Manr                Louisa Augusta             1885  John                 Hannah
  Manz                Amalie Louise              1893  John                 Johanna
O Manz                Charles F.                 1901
  Manz                Laura Theresa              1887  John                 Johanna
  Manz                William Henry              1895  John                 Johanah
D Marast              Annie                      1890  Ladislaf             Annie
  Marast              Mary                       1897  Stephen              Mary
D Marast              Stephen                    1897  Stephen              Mary
  Markenes            Julius                     1898  not known            not known
O Marsh               Katie                      1903  Andrew               Katie Marsh
D Marshall            Katie R                    1896  [illegible]          Kate
  Martin              Agnes                      1899  Thomas               [illegible]
  Martin              Eliza                      1884  (none) Armstrong     (none) Armstrong
  Martin              Nancy                      1882  not known            not known
  Martins             Daniel                     1892  "unknown"            "unknown"
  Mathias             William George             1886  William              Marriah
O Matisky             (none)                     1901  John
  Maurer              Alfred                     1898  John                 Mary
D Maurer              Annie                      1892  Fredrick             Aria
  Maurse              William H.                 1896  John                 Maria
O Mauz (Manz)         George Frederick           1900  John                 Johannah
O Mayer               Mary                       1899  Paul                 Mary
D Mazor               Elko                       1890  Elko                 Mary
D Mazro               Stephen                    1894  Elko                 Mary
O Mazur               (none)                     1900  John
  Mazur               Charles                    1894  William              Mary
  Mc Carthy           (none)                     1878  Charles              Mary
D Mc Clement          (none)                     1904  William              Annie
  Mc Dermott          Cora                       1897  William E.           Clara S.
  Mc Donald           Christopher F.             1886  George W. Mac Donald Spohia Mac Donald
  Mc Donald	      Hannah                     1879  (none)               (none)
  Mc Donald           Hattie                     1878  George W.            Harriet S.
  Mc Donald           John A                     1882  Michael              Hannah
D Mc Donald           Sarah A                    1895  George Thomas        Mary Thomas
  Mc Elroy            William                    1889  John                 Mary
  Mc Fadyen           Mary                       1888  Joshua               Ellen
D Mc Fadyen           William                    1888  Joshua               Nellie
O Mc Garlick          Katherine                  1903  James Mc Guire       Katherine Mc Guire
D Mc Gee              (none)                     1904  Mathew               Ellen
  Mc Gill             Charles                    1897  (none)               (none)
  Mc Guire            William                    1883  James                Mary A.
  Mc Intire           George H.                  1883  Jacob                (illegible)
  Mc Intosh           George                     1889  (none)               (none)
R Mc Intyre           Edward                     1878
R Mc Intyre           George H.                  1883
R Mc Intyre           John J                     1884
R Mc Intyre           Sarah Ann                  1890  John Forleamon       Margaret Forleamon
  Mc Kinnon           Jessee                     1883  John                 Margaret
D Mc Vetie            George                     1901
O McNally             (none)                     1904  Frank                Mary
  Mead                John                       1892  "unknown"            "unknown"
  Meade               John                       1886  John                 Elizabeth
  Meehan              Catherine                  1885  James Delancy        Catherine
  Meehan              Patrick                    1892  (none)               (none)
  Meineke             Charles E. F.              1889  Henry                Minnie
  Meineke             Henry                      1887  George               Betsey
  Meineke             Henry Frederick Ernest     1881  John H.              Mary
  Meineke             Mary Dora                  1882  John H.              Sophia W.H.
  Melando             Catharine                  1880  Chirstopher          Mary
  Melando             Jacob                      1882  Christopher          Mary A.
  Melando             Michael                    1880  "unknown"            "unknown"
D Melicki             (none)                     1901  Jacob                Mary
  Mellert             Joseph                     1888  (illegible)          Lousia
O Mergerski (MergenskiJulia                      1899  George               Mary
D Merkoski (Marcaski) Julia                      1889  John                 Barbara
O Messino             Joseph                     1897  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
R Mettam              Jennie                     1879  Thomas B .           Rebbecca
R Mettam              Sadie A.                   1889  Thomas               Rebecca
R Mettam              Thomas Brent               1888  Thomas B.            Rebbecca
O Mettler             Fred                       1902
O Mettler             Fred A.                    1902
D Mettler             Hilda                      1899  Frederick            Mary
  Mettler             Vivanna May                1888  Cornelius B.         Vivanna D.
O Metzger             Henry                      1899  William              Lizzie
  Meyer               Ambrosia Marie Osidorn     1889  John Conrad Meyer    Elizabeth Meyer
  Meyer (Myres)       John                       1887  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
  Meyers              Mamie                      1881  Frederick            Mary
  Meyers              Mena                       1885  not known            not known
  Michalska           Katerina                   1884  Andrew Draves        Catherine Draves
  Michel              Catherine                  1889  Martin               Lena
  Midgley             John Richard               1890  Richard              Mary
O Mihalz              John                       1901
  Mikely              Joseph                     1895  Stephen              Mary
D Miller              Bertha                     1896  Irving               Lydia
  Miller              Clarence                   1893  Irwin                Alida
  Miller              Nickolas                   1891  "unknown"            "unknown"
  Millna              Louis                      1903  Joseph               Lulu
O Mills               Georgiana                  1902
  Mog                 Annie                      1889  Mathew               Leopoldina
  Mohaney             John A                     1887  Daniel               Ida Amelia
D Mokner              Joseph                     1902
  Molean              Annie                      1892  Joseph               Annie
  Moller              Petra Wothberg Mary        1882  Otto A.S.            ?ena
D Monclair            Julius                     1904
  Moneghan            Hugh                       1891  "unknown"            "unknown"
  Moody               Edith Marie                1894  David                Matilda
  Moody               Lilly                      1889  Thomas               Maria
  Moody               Matilda                    1888  Thomas Broxton       Annie Broxton
  Moody               William Frederick          1889  David                Matilda
D Mooney              Elizabeth                  1895  Thomas               Catherine
  Moran               Daniel Edward              1884  Daniel               Virginia
  Morecraft           (none)                     1891  Thomas               Johanna
O Morgan              Thomas                     1899  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
  Morross             Emma Mary                  1882  Joseph               Margaret
  Morross             Joseph                     1885  William              Ursula
  Morton              (none)                     1890  George W.            Sarah
  Mosell              Phenix                     1887  "can not ascertain"  "can not ascertain"
  Moskoal             John                       1900  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
O Murphy              Viola                      1904
O Murray              (none)                     1903  William
D Murray              Margaret                   1904
  Musicka [Muzika]    Rosie                      1896  Joseph               Bertha
  Myers               George                     1886  Frederick            Mary
  Nagele              Henry                      1893  Arnola               Martha
  Nagele              Jacob                      1893  Arnola               Martha
O Nagy                Charles                    1899  Alexander            Teresa
  Nagy                Lizzie                     1897  Alexander            Tressa
O Nagy                Theresa                    1899  Samuel               Theresa
O Nederbright         Jean                       1899  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
O Nelson              John                       1897  "unknown"            "unknown"
  Nesson              Christina Maria            1884  John                 Engebar Maria
O Nevins              (none)                     1902  George
  Nichols             Eliza                      1878  Cornelius Josec      Harriet Josec
  Nikel               Bertha                     1881  Francis              Julia
  Nix                 Ferdinand                  1882  Ferdinand            Catherine
  Nix                 Frederick                  1896  Phillip              Barbara
  Nordenholz          Helene Willemeina          1882  William              Sophia
  Norlander           Ida                        1884  ?. P. Persson        Johanna Person
D Novark              Barbara                    1900  John                 Barbara
D Novark              John                       1896  John                 Barbara
  Nymann              Ida                        1894  August               Hilda
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D O Neil              James                      1890
  Oaks                Grace                      1896  John D. Oaks         Mary E. Davison
  Oaks                Harold                     1896  John D. Oaks         Mary E. Davison
O O'Brien             (none)                     1905                       Mary
  Obuch               John                       1887  John                 Mary
D Ochki               John                       1892  George               Barbara
O Ockerlund (OkeldedumWilliam (Charles)          1898  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
  Ocskai              Anna                       1889  George               Mary
D Ocskai (Ocski)      Mary                       1891  George               Mary
D Ocskey (Oskay)      Andrew                     1894  Andrew               Mary
  Odennalder          Katie                      1898  Jacob                Katie
  Odenwalder          Matilda Mary Susannah      1887  Jacob                Catherine
  Olosky              Stephen                    1900  Stephen              Mary
  Olsen               Carl Gustave               1886  Carl Gustave         Katrina
  Olsen               Karoline G.                1886  Carl Gustave         Katrina Marie
  Olsen               Otto Alexander             1886  Otto                 Mary
  Olsen               Oxul Theodore              1885  Otto A.S.            Mary
D Orlovsky            Helen                      1894  Bol.                 Annie
O Orme                (none)                     1902  Arthur G.
  Osbaher             Frederica                  1884  William              Fredricka
  Osbahr              Charles                    1891  Richard              Dora
  Osbahr              Louisa Dora                1887  Henry                Lousia
  Osborne             George Edward              1878  Alphonzo             Mary Adell
  Osborne             Jeanette                   1885  Alphonso             Adele
  Osborne             John Van Dolsen            1884  Alfonso S.           Adalade
  Osik                Mary                       1886  John                 Mary
  Oskar               Annie                      1888  John                 Annie
  Oskar               John                       1891  John                 Elizabeth
  Oskay               John                       1892  George               Barbara
D Otto                (none)                     1891  Oscar                Anna
  Otto                John                       1888  Oskar                Annie
  Otto                Minnie                     1889  Oskar                Annie
  Otto                Paul August                1893  Oscar                Annie
  Owaska              Joseph                     1887  John                 Anna
  Owaska              Veronica                   1890  John                 Annie
O Owens               Mary                       1904
  Oxel                George                     1900  John                 Johanah
D Padget              (none)                     1897  Charles              Catherine
O Paja                (none)                     1902  John
  Palsa               George                     1891  Mike                 Mary
D Palsa               William                    1896  Michael              Mary
  Paolinski           Mollie                     1890  Stephen              Annie
  Paposun             Annie                      1885  Tobias               Mary
O Paradine            (none)                     1904  George
  Pardeike            William                    1890  "unknown"            "unknown"
  Parlack             Annie                      1887  John                 Barbara
  Parlack             John                       1884  John                 Barbara
  Parlak              Michael                    1888  Michael              Anna
D Paterson            (none)                     1903
D Pedorocko           George                     1895  George               Anna
D Pees                (none)                     1903  Frank                Margaret
O Pelican             Albert                     1901
  Peltz               Robert Peter               1878  Robert               Maria
O Perigon             Solon                      1901
D Perine              (none)                     1895
  Perine              Selma V.                   1880  Cornelius            Anna
  Perrine             Carrie                     1886  Cornelius            Anna
O Perrine             Cornelious                 1898  Cornelious           Annie
  Perrine             Eva                        1885  Cornelius            Eleanor
  Perrine             Katie                      1889  Cornelius            Anna
O Perrine             Pearl                      1897  John                 Mary
  Perrine             William H.                 1882  Cornelius            Anna
  Perry               Mary C.                    1898  John H. Brown        Julie
  Peterman            Annie                      1882  Henry                Voronika
  Peterman            Joseph                     1891  Richard              Regena
  Petersen            Charles Therodore          1895  Peter                Amelia
  Petersen            Christian                  1900  Paul                 Caroline
D Petersen            Samuel                     1896  Peter                Lena
D Peterson            Annie                      1893  Samuel               Annie
  Peterson            Edward                     1890  Samuel               Anna
  Peterson            Hans                       1890  Christian            Louise
  Peterson            Kate                       1890  Samuel               Anna
D Peterson (Petersen) Gudrun                     1897  John                 H
  Petrasko            Maria                      1888  George               Tekta
  Petschow            Johanna Matilda            1889  Henry                Margaret
  Petschow            Mary Ann                   1887  Samuel Wier          Sarah Wier
O Pierce              Charlotte                  1899  not known            not known
D Pierson             Frederick                  1894  Frederick            Sarah
  Pist                Andres                     1885  Andreas              Mary
D Plaskon             Michael                    1897  Michael              Mary
  Plaskon             Michael                    1896  Michael              Mary
  Plasks              John                       1891  John                 Mary
  Plasks              Joseph                     1888  John                 Mary
D Ploscen             Stephen                    1894  Michael              Mary
  Plosko              Julia                      1886  John                 Mary
O Polonski            (none)                     1898  J
D Poppin              Joseph                     1889  John                 Mary
D Poppin              Mary                       1889  Michael Porinesack   Mary Porinesack
D Poppin              Mary                       1891  John                 Julia
  Porsh               Alexander                  1884  Leon                 Emily
  Porubsky            Mary                       1888  Andrew               Mary
  Porupski            Michael                    1890  John                 Anna
  Porupsky            John                       1882  John                 Annie
  Porupsky            John Annie                 1887  John                 Annie
R Post                Cornelious H.              1856
R Post                Garret W. (Samuel W.)      1885  Garret C.            Ella
R Post                Irving H.                  1889  Garrett L.           Ella H.
  Poulsen             Marie                      1885  Paul                 Mary
  Pounpsky            Mary                       1887  John                 Annie
  Pourpski            Julia                      1900  John                 Annie
  Power               Matilda                    1886  George               Clotilda
  Powers              Casper                     1886  George               Celodelia
  Price               Richard                    1891  "unknown"            "unknown"
O Prioeyk (Pryeyk)    Annie                      1898  Dmitro               Folijo
  Proszuk             Stephen                    1893  John                 Catherine
O Protraski           (none)                     1898  Anton                Catherine
  Puhl                Susana                     1884  Joseph               Barbara
  Quarks              Michael                    1887  George               Mary
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  Radcliff            Henry H.                   1887  Daniel               Nettie
  Rade                Amelia                     1891  Charles              Mary
D Radley              Thos (Thomas)              1891  Thas                 Charlotte
  Rail                John
  Raisch              Fredrick Jacob             1890  Gottlieb             Anna Marie
D Raley               James                      1892  James                Annie
  Ralez               John William               1887  Thomas               Annie
O Ramesfski           (none)                     1902
  Raslauski           John                       1886  John                 Mary
  Rauh                Joseph                     1887  Frederick            Catherine
  Rauh                Mathildi                   1892  Fred                 Katharina
  Rausch              Elisabeth Margarethe       1891  Gottlieb             Anna Marie
  Rauscher            J. Anthony                 1882  John                 Catherine
  Read                Mary Elizabeth             1883  William H.           Ellen
O Redick (Reidick)    Robert                     1899  not known            not known
  Reed                (none)                     1892  William              Florence
  Reed                Cora M.                    1886  Chas S.              Mable
  Reed                Mary E.                    1891  Jasper               Elizabeth
  Reed                William D.                 1886  Charles              Mable
  Reese               (none)                     1884  John H.              Annie
D Rehbein             William                    1891  Henry                (none)
D Rehbein (Rehbeen)   Henry                      1893  Henry                Annie
D Reich               Caroline                   1895  Jacob                Gertrude
  Reich               Dorothea C.                1889  Johann G. Collman    not known Collman
D Reich               Louisa                     1893  George               Gertrude
O Reilly              (none)                     1905  John                 Julia
  Reisch              Pauline                    1890  Gottlieb             Annie
  Reiss               Catherine                  1891  Conrad Be?holdmo?    Louisa
O Renesko             Anna                       1902
O Ricci               Carlo                      1904
D Richards            (none)                     1891  Frank                Harriet
  Richards            Alice                      1885  Frank                Harriet
D Richert             Margaretta                 1891  Michael Curran       Margaretta Curran
O Richmond            (none)                     1904  Rutherford
D Riedel              Anna M.                    1891  Frederick            Gretchen
D Riedl               Martha (Margaret)          1891  Frederick            Margaretha
  Riegelmann          Caroline                   1887  Christian            Caroline
  Riley               Alice                      1888  James                Clara
  Riley               Frederick                  1892  James                Clarah
  Riley               Harry                      1891  James                Clara
  Riley               Mary                       1878  Charles              Lizzie
  Rinehart            Annie Eliza                1885  Charles              Ella
  Roeman              Julia                      1895  John                 Mary
  Roenbeck            Earnest Adolph             1891  Earnest              Annie
  Rolf                Lottie Louise Mabel        1895  Harry                Pauline
  Roman               Louis                      1888  John                 Mary
  Romann              Rosie                      1884  John                 Marie
  Rosenwater          Mary                       1887  Otto                 Mary
  Roskos              Andrew                     1896  Joseph               Annie
  Roskosch            Paul                       1887  Joseph               Anna
  Rossman             Edward John                1891  John Koprovitz       Mary Rosemann
  Roth                William                    1889  William              Irene
  Rouh                Anna                       1884  Frederick            Catherine
  Rubecker            Michael                    1891  "unknown"            "unknown"
  Rudkofski           Frank                      1894  Joseph               Dora
D Rudnyansky (RudnyskiJohn                       1894  Joseph               Annie
  Ruh                 Bernard                    1882  Am?t?th              Anasthasia
  Ruh                 Karaleine                  1878  Barnard              Karaline
  Ruh                 William                    1881  Bernard              Caroline
O Ruhle               Agnes                      1905
O Ruhle               Charles                    1904
  Runenski            Andrew                     1887  Joseph               Hannah
D Runenski            Joseph                     1889  Joseph               Annie
D Ruoces              Emil Otto                  1896  John                 Emelia
D Rusmack             Annie                      1894  Andrew               Annie
  Rusnak              Andrew                     1887  John                 Annie
D Rusnak              John                       1890  Andrew               Annie
  Russell             Benjamin                   1894  John                 Margaret
  Russell             Hannah                     1894  William Clark        Elizabeth Clark
  Ruthkowski          Adolf                      1893  Joseph               Dora
  Rutkowski           Charlotta                  1886  Peter Gomiski        Elizabeth Gomiski
D Rutreter            Michael                    1891
  Sabol               Anton                      1887  Johan                Frances
  Sachourry           Annie                      1891  Joseph               Annie
D Sahhacack (Saphacak)Ellen                      1894  John                 Mary
  Sak                 Joseph                     1888  Martin               Mary
  Sak                 Ludwig                     1897  Martin               Mary
  Sakulyanski         Mike                       1892  Fred                 Mary
  Salay               Stephen                    1887  Michael              Barbara
D Sallia              Julia                      1896  Michael              Barbara
  Saloy               Julie                      1896  Mich                 Barbara
D Saltis              Andrew                     1891  Andrew               Elizabeth
D Samon               Andrew                     1897  Andrew               Julia
D Samon               Julia                      1896  Anton                Julia
D Samon               Lizzie                     1896  Anton                Julia
  Samuelson           Marie                      1892  Erestine Petersen    Olga Petersen
  Sanders             Hannah                     1898  John                 Hannah
D Satlis              Annie                      1890  George Otoga         Julia Otoga
  Schaefer            Eva                        1885  Henry                Elizabeth
  Schaefer            Frank                      1891  Andrew               Catherine
  Schaefer            Henry                      1883  Andrew               Eve
  Schenck             Fritz                      1888  Jacob                Pauline
  Schenck             Rudolph                    1891  Jacob                Pauline
  Schenck             William                    1884  Jacob                Pauline
  Schenk              Rosane Katherine           1885  Johaun               Wilheline
  Schleehting         Julius                     1887  Julius               Marie
  Schlene             (none)                     1898  Henry                Jennie
  Schlichting         Adam                       1884  Julius               Mary
  Schmeiser           Bertha                     1891  "unknown"            "unknown"
  Schmeiser           Henry                      1888  Henry                not known
  Schmelcher          Joseph                     1896  Joseph               Catherine
  Schmidt             Albert                     1889  (none)               (none)
  Schmidt             Annie F. A.                1885  William              Mary
  Schmidt             Edwin George               1892  Christopher J.       Louisa
  Schmidt             Emma Johanna               1887  William              Marie
O Schmidt             Fred                       1905
  Schmidt             Freddie William            1888  Frederick W.         Annie
D Schmidt             George                     1897  Henry                Annie
  Schmidt             George                     1897  Charles              Elizabeth
  Schmidt             Mattie F.                  1888  Frederick W.         Anna
  Scholz              Caroline                   1879  John Schmidt         not known
  Scholz              Emma                       1899  Jacob                Caroline
  Scholz              Frederick                  1885  William              Amelia
  Scholz              Louis Henry                1900  William Scholz       Amelia Scholz
  Scholz              Mary Johanna               1882  Jacob                Catherine
  Scholz              Caroline                   1895  Conrad Winter        "can not learn"
  Scholz              Jacob William              1896  William              Amelia
  Schroth             Catherine                  1883  (none)               (none)
  Schroth             John Peter                 1886  Peter                Elizabeth
  Schroth             Peter                      1886  Peter                Margaret
  Schultz             Annie Williemenia          1892  William              Wilhemena
  Schulz              Ernst                      1882  Bernard              "unknown"
  Schulz              Johanna                    1889  Jacob W.             Caroline
  Schulz              Mary                       1885  Joseph Bawidemann    not known
  Schutt              M. W.                      1890  Nicholas             Deno
  Schuyler            J (Jacob Rutsen)           1887  John                 Catherine
  Schwagermann        Bernhardt                  1886  William              Annie
  Schwartbeyer        Barbara                    1891  (none)               (none)
  Seabarkrob          David Henry                1884  Henry                Margaret
  Seabarkrob          Henry                      1896  Hones                Annie
  Seabarkrob          Richard                    1894  Henry                Margaret
O Seaman              John                       1905
O Seaoris (Seavers)   Thomas                     1898  don't know           don’t know
D Sednok              John                       1897  John                 Mary
  Seeman              John                       1891  Leonhart             ???n Vogt Seeman
  Seergent            Barbara                    1886  Majk                 Annie
  Seibel              Margaretha                 1892  Conrad Gill          Mary Gill
  Seloner             George Arthur              1891  Geo.                 M.
  Selover             George William             1895  George               Mary
  Seltenreich         Elizabeth                  1884  Chris                Catherine
  Sem                 Andrew                     1884  Petra                not known
  Senne               Christine M.               1892  Louis Stoppler       (none) Stoppler
D Sergeant            John                       1891  Michael              Annie
  Sergent             Annie                      1884  Michael              Annie
  Shaw                Anna Maria                 1886  James                Caroline
  Shaw                Jennie V.                  1889  Alexander            Mary Kate
  Sheenan             Mary                       1903  John                 Mary
O Shepnes (Schepner)  John A.                    1898  Frederick            Mary
O Sherin              (none)                     1903  James
  Sherwin             Edith                      1894  Ernest               Susan
  Sherwin             William Frederick          1891  Ernest               Sussie
  Sholtish            Garber                     1891  John                 Mary
  Shrope              Samuel                     1891  Henry S.             Theodoia
D Shrope              Samuel H                   1892  Henry                Theodosia
  Sidelock            Polly                      1886  John                 Jul?
D Sidlak              John                       1891  John                 Marie
  Siebold             Mary                       1884  John                 Frances
  Silvai              Mary                       1885  John                 Anna
  Silvay              John                       1890  Stephen              Mary
D Silvay              Mary                       1891  Stephen              Mary
  Simmons             Thomas                     1886  (none)               (none)
  Simonds             Theresa                    1889  Thos                 Theresa
  Simonson            Emily                      1889  George H.            Emily
  Siroka              Mary                       1891  Frank                Julia
  Siroko              Frank                      1892  Frank                Ellen
D Sklanar (Sklenar)   Joseph                     1890  Joseph               Mary
O Sklenar             Edward                     1902
  Smar                Andrew                     1889  George               Anna
  Smith               Annie M.                   1882  (none) Rodgers       (none) Rodgers
D Smith               Emilie Nora                1888  Paul                 Annie
  Smith               Hannah Eliza               1893  George Pritton Smith Anna Edna Smith
  Smith               Irene                      1894  Paul                 Annie
  Smith               William James              1879  William H.           Julia A.
  Smith               Willie Taylor              1900  James                Mary
  Socha               John                       1888  John                 Susan
  Sokie               George                     1893  George               Julia
  Solanski            Annie                      1890  Joseph               Annie
  Soltis              Andrew                     1891  Andrew               Elizabeth
D Soltis              John                       1891  John                 Mary
D Sopcak              Joseph                     1890  Michael              Mary
  Sopcall             Joseph                     1890  Michael              Mary
  Sopcsak             Mary                       1890  George               Mary
  Sotak               Annie                      1886  Michael              Julia
D Sotis (Solsis)      Michael                    1889  Andrew               Anna
  Sovitts             Mary                       1890  George               Ellen
  Spearing            Augustus                   1889  Henry L.             Lucy
  Spearling           Margaret                   1891  John Gill            Elizabeth Gill
  Sperling            Mary                       1889  John                 Maggie
  Sperr               John George                1883  John George          Katarina
  Spisak              Caroline                   1887  John Dojcak          Mary Dojcak
  Spizak              Julia                      1893  Bokrack              Elizabeth
  Spizak              Julia                      1893  Frank                Julia
  Squier              Frazee A.                  1884  Frederick            Amanda
  Squier              James Smith Edward         1889  Fred F.              Amanda
  Squier              Milley                     1883  Fred F.              Amanda
  St John             John                       1879  John                 Lizzie
  Stanislaus          Andrew                     1883  Andrew               Mary Rogers
  Steinmeyer          Frederick                  1889  John                 "can not learn"
  Steinmeyer          Johann Marie Kattrina      1885  Fred                 Kattrina
D Stewart             Benjamin                   1894  Andrew               Margaret
  Stewart             Mary Ann                   1891  Matthias Burger      Hannah Burger
D Stewart             William                    1897  Andrew               Margaret
  Stillger            Florie                     1890  John                 Hellen
  Stillger            Frank A.                   1892  John                 Ellen
  Stillger            Frederick A.               1885  John                 Helene
  Stillger            Frederick Oswald           1882  John                 Hellen
  Stillger            John Henry                 1883  John                 Ellen
O Stratton            Joseph                     1905
  Strecel             Maggie                     1887  Julian               Rose
O Strenger (Stringer) Henry                      1903  William              Wilhelmina
  Stretsel            Rosalie                    1893  Charles Hartwig      Flora Hartwig
D Stroki              Lizzie                     1892  Andrew               (none)
  Stubbe              John Jr                    1878  John                 Theresa
O Stuce               Henry                      1899  "unknown"            "unknown"
  Stuppe              Frieda Einestine           1887  John                 Catherine
  Stuppe              William                    1887  John                 Catherine
  Suchovicz           Andrs                      1892  Joseph               Annie
  Suchovicz           Joseph                     1889  Joseph               Annie
D Sudemak             John                       1893  Michael              Katarina
  Sudemak             John                       1890  John                 Catherine
D Sudemak             Mary                       1897  John                 Kate
  Sudimak             Mary                       1894  John                 Kattie
O Suhovis             (none)                     1899  Joseph
D Sullivan            (none)                     1903  Jerry                Kate
O Sullivan            John                       1900  not known            Mary
  Surgent             John                       1891  Michael              Anna
  Suydam              (none)                     1893  Bergen               Christina
  Suydam              John Randolph              1896  Bergen               Christina
D Svec                Francis                    1896  Frank                Mary
  Svencken            Ader                       1898  Martin               Annie
  Sweet               George S.                  1887  John                 Mary Ameilia
  Swody               Elizabeth                  1892  Arthur               Barbara
  Swody               John                       1888  Charles              Catherine
  Szigmond            Joseph                     1892  Paul                 Catherine
  Szokal              Joseph                     1887  Joseph               Anna
D Szolyansky          Annie                      1890  Joseph               Annie
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  Taratko             Mary                       1890  Martin               Mary
O Taylor              Edith A                    1899  Geo                  Mary
  Taylor              Eva                        1893  Joseph Murphy        Anna Taylor
  Taylor              George                     1892  (none)               Jane
O Terler (Terlan)     Joseph                     1899  Joseph               Anna
  Teschcko            Frederica A.A.             1883  Frederick            Dora
  Thomas              Anna                       1885  John                 Mattie
O Thomas              Francis                    1905
  Thompson            Ann                        1887  John Jackson         Julia Jackson
  Thompson            Eliza                      1881  William Shaw         Eliza Shaw
  Thompson            Florence                   1883  Harry                Lucy
  Thompson            Joseph                     1883  James                Jane
D Thompson            Robert                     1896  "can not learn"      "can not learn"
  Thompson            William                    1880  James                Sophia
  Thorp               Elmer                      1898  Stephen              Mary
  Thorp               Harry                      1891  Stephen D.           Mary L.
  Thorp               Mary Gertrude              1891  Stephen D.           Mary Lousia
  Thorp               Vincent                    1900  Stephen              Mary
  Thorp               Walter                     1888  Stephen D.           Mary L.
  Thorpe              Lesly                      1894  Stephen              Mary
D Thorpe              Stephen                    1902
  Thubar              Andrew                     1892  Andrew               Mary
  Tichenor            John                       1889  Joseph M.            Mary Yankovilch
  Tillack             Bertha Henrietta           1896  Theodore             Louisa
  Tillack             Louis                      1896  Theodore             Louisa
  Tillack             Theodore                   1894  Traugott             Lousia
  Timm                Elizabeth M.               1885  F. W. Geibel         Elizabeth Geibel
D Tomaski             John                       1894  Michael              Mary
  Tomasko             George                     1882  George               Anna
O Toomey              Mary                       1899  not known            not known
  Topper              Martha Helena              1886  August               Helena
  Toslan              Luticia                    1889  Robert               Margaret
  Trowlan             James                      1880  Robert               Margaret
O Tscacak             Mary                       1904
O Tumak               (none)                     1902  Stefan
  Tupfer              Marie                      1887  August               Lena
O Tyler               (none)                     1898
  Tyte                Alexander                  1884  William              Margaret
  Tyte                Culina B                   1890  William              Margaret
  Ukereszty           Stephen                    1896  John                 Anna
D Ungvarski           Andrew                     1889  John                 Annie
  Vagrenes            Mary                       1892  John                 Annie
  Van Boskerck        Ellen Jane                 1878  James J.             Jane
  Van Boskerck        Jane V                     1892  Egbert Waters        Jane
  Van Boskerck        John J.                    1898  John J. Van Boskerck Jane Van Boskerck
R Van Boskirk         Anabella                   1880  Garrett Van Riper    Catharine Van Riper
R Van Boskirk         Nicholas                   1885  James                Sarah
  Van Bushs           Arther                     1879  Jas H.               R. Lauise Van
  Van Buskirk         Adeline                    1876  (none)               (none)
  Van Buskirk         Andrew C.                  1901  Nicholas             Jane
  Van Buskirk         Andrew Cadmus              1893  Andrew               Rebecca
  Van Buskirk         Cora                       1876  (none)               (none)
  Van Buskirk         Ethel                      1885  Andrew               Phoebe
R Van Buskirk         Hiram                      1886  Nichalas             Jane
  Van Buskirk         James C.                   1879  Cornelius            Jane Demerest
D Van Buskirk         Jennie                     1896  James                Addie
R Van Buskirk         Jennie A.                  1881  Jean                 Mary Ann
R Van Buskirk         John                       1869
  Van Buskirk         Lillie                     1889  Frederick Lellman    Laura L. Van Buskirk
R Van Buskirk         Margaretha M.              1861
R Van Buskirk         Mary C.                    1886  William Ellsworth    Mary Ellsworth
  Van Buskirk         Ralph W.                   1882  John W.              Ella ?.
R Van Buskirk         Willie                     1871
  Van Horn            Andrew                     1892  Andrew               Margaret
  Van Horn            Clarence                   1879  Cornelious           Mary
  Van Horn            Mary                       1882  Samuel Forsyth       Ellen Forsyth
  Van Horn            Moses                      1885  Cornelius            Sarah
  Van Horn            Sarah A.                   1889  James J. Van BoskerckJane Van Boskerck
  Van Pelt            Charles                    1879  John W. E.            Annie
D Van Pelt            Fredrick                   1897  John                 Annie
D Van Pelt            Jacob H                    1899  Peter                Elizabeth
R Van Riper           Mariah Jane (Jennie)       1878  Richard C.           Rachel C.
D Van Ripes           Viloa                      1889  Cornelius R.         Minnie
  Vanca               Andro                      1891  Andro                Ellie
  Vanca               Mary                       1887  Andro                Halka
D Vancza              John                       1897  Vasill               Anna
  Vaorenski           George                     1892  John                 Anna
O Vasser              George                     1905
D Vavrenski           George                     1892  John                 Anna
D Vavrenski           Marie                      1892  John                 Anna
  Vejdovic            Alfred                     1890  Louis                Annie
  Venecak             Julia                      1889  Joseph               Anna
  Verostko            Andrew                     1893  Andrew               Elizabeth
D Viadislava          Buianovsky                 1896  August               Locadia
  Vogel               Elizabeth                  1888  John Baker           (none) Baker
  Vorak               Michael                    1886  Jorck                Anna
  Vreeland            Cadmus                     1881  Charles              Mary Cadmus
  Vreeland            Cornelius V. H.            1885  William W.           Euphemia B.
  Vreeland            Garrett                    1889  Henry                Lucinda
  Vreeland            Jacob C. D.                1884  William              Euphemia B.
  Vreeland            John                       1878  Jhon                 Maria
  Vreeland            John Milton                1893  Chas                 Irene
  Vreeland            Lucinda                    1879  (none) Jeralamon     (none) Jeralamon
R Vreeland            Maria                      1903  Henry                Leah
  Vreeland            Maria E.                   1888  George Cozine        Elizabeth Cozine
D Vreeland            Maria Jane                 1889  Cornelius            Sarah
  Vreeland            Rebecca                    1898  Stewart Mc Farland   Rebecca Mc Farland
  Vreeland            Robert                     1894  John                 Maria
  Vreeland            Samuel                     1893  Thomas               Annie
  Vreeland            William                    1891  William              Rachael
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  Wagner              (none)                     1889  Henry                Annie
  Wagner              Edward                     1903  Mike                 Alena
  Wagner              Frank                      1898  Mike                 Lena
  Wagner              Frederick                  1886  Mike                 Lena
  Wagner              Frederick William          1894  Henry                Annie
  Wagner              George                     1896  George               Mary
  Wagner              Lizzie                     1888  Henry                Annie
  Waida               John                       1890  Andrew               Sussie
  Wake                (none)                     1903  Morgan G Wake        Mary Wake
  Walker              Mary Ann                   1892  George               Mary Ann
  Wallauer            Harry                      1894  Harry                Amy
D Walsh               (none)                     1903  James                Ellen
  Wansea              John                       1897  Vessel               Anna
  Wanzer              Annie                      1893  Andrew               Elizabeth
  Ward                Samuel G.W.                1883  Thomas               Frances S.
O Warnick             (none)                     1907  Harry
  Washington          Willie Francis             1900  "unknown"            "unknown"
D Watcski             Stephen                    1894  Michael              Ellen
D Wateskie            Joseph                     1894  Michael              Veronica
D Watscki             (none)                     1895  Michael              Veronica
  Watson              (none)                     1888  Richard              Annie
D Watt                Mary                       1896  Mike                 Tessie
  Wauters             Cornelia                   1871  (none)               (none)
  Wauters             Egbert                     1885  Mercilan             Penelope Past
O Weart               Edw F.                     1898  Ed?                  Sophia
O Weart               Jacob                      1897  Jacob                Annie
  Weart               Jacob                      1896  Jacob                Julia
  Weart               Martha                     1896  Jacob                Mary
  Weber               William                    1893  Otto                 Margaret
D Webslee (Webster)   Amelia D                   1905  Charles              Mary
D Webster             Alberta                    1905  Charles              Mary
O Weingarten          (none)                     1900  George               Nellie
  Weishait            Pauline Wilhelmine         1888  W.                   Mary
  Wekesser            Lena                       1883  Constantine          Catherine
  Wekesser            Mathilda                   1883  Constantine          Catherine
  Welbeck             Barbara                    1886  Christopher          Barbara
  Welcher             George                     1887  George               M.
  Welcher             Mary A                     1888  George               Mayant
  Werner              Frederick                  1888  Frederick            Margaret
  Werth               Maria                      1882  Jacob                Josephine
O West                William                    1905
  Weyel               Catherine                  1884  Bandenbender         Bandenbender
  Weyel               Karl                       1879  Karl                 Anna
O Wheeler             (none)                     1900  William
O Whelkovich          (none)                     1900
  Whitaker            Frederick Howard           1887  Robert               Margaret J.
O White               (none)                     1900  John                 Irene
  White               Annie                      1887  James Parker         Margaret Parker
  Wienzierl           Annie Clara                1894  Arthur               Johanna
  Wiesner             Marie Augusta              1888  Julius Meiss         Lena Wiesner
D Wikereszty (WikerestMary                       1892  John                 Anni
D Wikerszty           Stephen                    1896  John                 Anna
D Wikerszty           William                    1893  John                 Annie
  Wilbalck            Anna Barbara               1885  Christian            Barbara
  William             John                       1883  Andrew               Mary
D Williams            (none)                     1904
  Williams            Delos                      1878  Henry                Catherine E.
  Williams            E.                         1889  Milliam              ?roko
  Williams            Flossie May                1889  Henry                Kate
  Williams            Harry                      1887  Henry                Catherine
  Williams            Henry                      1881  Henry                Catherine
  Williams            Jurgen                     1887  Willm                Fauke
  Williams            Jurgen                     1893  William              Frauke
  Williams            Kate                       1890  George W. Mac Donald Harriet S. Mac Donald
  Williams            Rachel Ann                 1879  Jacob Van Winkle     Sarah (none)
  Williams            William C.                 1893  Dyer                 Rachael Ann
  Wilsocki            Anna                       1897  Michael              Rosa
  Wilson              Lizzie                     1883  Charles              Delia
  Wilton              Bella                      1883  Nathan B.            Mary M.
  Wilton              Joseph                     1883  Nathan B.            Mary
  Wilton              Nathan B.                  1885  Henry                Martha
D Wirosko             Andre                      1889  George               Lizzie
  Wirth               Catherine                  1894  Adam                 Catherine
  Wirth               John William               1885  Adam                 Christine
O Wiseman             (none)                     1906                       Ellen
D Wiskolski           Michael                    1897  Mike                 Rosey
D Woghorn (Waghon)    Thomas                     1899  "not known"          "not known"
  Woodward            Ada M.                     1881  J.                   A.M.
  Woodward            Frances T.                 1884  Daniel Cooley        (none) Cooley
  Wright              Esther                     1891  John                 Margaret
  Wright              Mary                       1892  John                 Margaret
  Wrightner           David                      1880  not known            not known
  Wulf                (none)                     1886  Peter                Amalia
  Wulf                (none)                     1886  Peter                Amalia
O Yackamia            Annie                      1900  Michael              Anna
  Yantick             John                       1900  John                 Mary
D Yarie (Yorie)       John                       1903  Jacob                Josephine
D Yetts (Zetts)       Mary                       1888  Andrew               Mary
D Yurick              (none)                     1894  Walent               Susana
  Zabriskie           Ann M.                     1884  
  Zabriskie           Samuel S                                              Ann
D Zec                 Andrew                     1895  Andrew               Lizzie
  Zec                 George                     1891  Andrew               Elizabeth
D Zecz                Mike                       1895  Andrew               Mary
O Zeller              Albert                     1901  Aton                 Bertha
  Zellman             Catherine M.               1894  Conrad               Mary
  Zellmann            Catherine                  1892  Henry Prodzmonn      Ksim?inde
D Zeska               Michael                    1892  Andrew               Lizzie
D Zeski               Rosey                      1894  Andrew               Lizzie
D Zet                 (none)                           Andrew               Lizzie
D Zet                 Lizzie                     1896  Andrew               Lizzie
  Zigmound            Frank                      1893  Andrew               Monecia
D Zito                (none)                     1904  Joseff               Marie
  Zlevonovan          John                       1891  John                 Mary
O Zuranna             Bresnick                   1897
  Zutther             Helen                      1898  Richard              Margaret
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